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Mission Team
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In 2019, we revived our mission team by taking a disaster relief trip to Tarboro, NC.  The residents of Tarboro and Princeville are still living with the destruction from Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  Because much needs to be rebuilt and many folks still need home repairs, we have decided to travel to Tarboro again in 2020.  So far, our team consists of 39 intergenerational members from the Bethlehem Stonepile and Springvale UM Charge.  Princeville is an impoverished area with much history.  We were very blessed and welcomed there in the summer of 2019 and look forward to our trip in July 2020 and rekindling the relationships that we made.  Please view our 2019 slideshow of the work we accomplished in our Gallery section and check back after our mission trip this year for updates.  God Bless!

Tarboro Mission Trip 2019/2020

In 2019, a small group of 7 adults traveled to Tarboro, NC to do disaster relief from Hurricane Matthew in 2016.  It was surprising to see how many areas were still either abandoned or in disrepair after so much time.    In fact, while were at the conference site, members of the Army were there as well looking at the levees and trying to come up with a plan to prevent future flooding in that area.

Our group worked on the roof of the home of a wonderful gentleman named Roger Southerland.  He was a 77 year old man who was legally blind due to macular degeneration.  He lived alone and spent his days at the Senior Center or driving his lawn mower around town collecting trash in the neighborhood. He even was awarded a local citizenship award for his efforts.

Those of our group who weren’t fond of heights, spent time on the ground painting, cutting tiles and cleaning up debris.  Those of us on the roof spent time peeling off shingles, sweeping the roof, pulling nails then helping to lay the new paper and shingles.

Even though there was not a lot of down time, we went to a local Ecumenical Church in town for a free dinner they provide to the community each Wednesday night.  The food was wonderful.  The folks were so nice and we even got to be a part of the VBS closing program.  They brought service dogs in after dinner and shared information about them with the kids and all the folks at the dinner that night.  It was a wonderful evening.

This year, our trip is planned for July 7-11th.  There are 39 of us scheduled to make this trip, virus permitting!   We will include the youth and families in this trip.  We even have a few folks who have volunteered to go  along and shop and do meal prep for us.

Thank you to our church families and community for your generous support of our mission trip. We could not do this without you!

If you are in need of assistance, please visit one of the following food pantry’s in your area:

Community REACH Inc.  717-244-6934
15 First Ave., Red Lion, PA

Emmanuel UMC of Windsor 717-880-0272
2 East Main St., Windsor, PA

Hearts for Hunger 717-244-6323
10384 Winterstown Road, Red Lion, PA

Emmanuel’s Closet 717-244-2090
205 West Main St., Dallastown, PA

Thank you

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